Leaving To or Leaving For?

by Mubashir


What's the difference between "leaving to" and "leaving for"?

Should I say:
"I am leaving for Pakistan?"


"I am leaving to Pakistan?"


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Dec 31, 2012
by: Chelsey

"I am leaving for Pakistan" is correct.

FOR is a preposition with a few definitions.

One definition of for is to indicate, or show, a future goal.

"I am leaving for Pakistan" means that you are leaving your present place, and your future goal is to arrive in Pakistan.

TO is also a preposition, but it shows movement toward a place.

So, you would not say, "I am leaving to Pakistan," because "leaving" does not indicate movement toward a new place.

You could say:
1. "I am traveling to Pakistan."
2. "I am driving to Pakistan."
3. "I am flying to Pakistan."
4. "I am going to Pakistan."

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