Verbs Followed by
Gerunds or Infinitives

(with a significant change
in the meaning)

(The verbs are arranged alphabetically.
Each verb is followed by an example.)

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A few verbs take both gerunds and infinitives, but with a significant difference in the meaning:

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He forgot opening the window.
(Meaning: He opened the window, but he forgot doing so.)

He forgot to open the window
(Meaning: He was supposed to open the window, but he forgot.)


She regrets quitting her job.
(She quit her job, and now she regrets it.)

She regrets to quit her job.
(She is sorry to quit her job.)


He stopped chatting.
(He was chatting, and then he stopped.)

He stopped to chat.
(He was doing something else, and then he stop in order to chat.)


I remembered locking the storage.
(I had a memory in my mind of locking the storage.)

I remembered to lock the storage.
(I locked the storage as I should have.)


They tried moving to Australia.
(They moved to Australia for some time to see if it works out for them.)

They tried to move to Australia.
(They made an attempt to move to Australia, but it wasn't successful. They didn't move to Australia after all.)

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