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An interview with Marc Slater from eReflect.com 

Marc Slater

Building vocabulary is a gradual and ongoing process. It is an investment, but probably one of the best investments a learner can make.

Marc Slater is the director of eReflect – a self improvement software company. Their products cover reading, vocabulary, spelling, and typing.

It is a unique company that shares valuable tools.

Ultimate Vocabulary is their most popular English language tool. It helps students increase their vocabulary in all areas: from everyday communication skills to advanced tests (SAT, GRE, GMAT, IELTS, and others).

So we are happy to have Marc answering some questions and sharing his knowledge with us!

1. How did eReflect came to be? What was your basic purpose?

eReflect started when I became very interested in vocabulary building. At the time I bought a number of books on the topic. Having a background in software, I felt that computers could do a much better job of teaching words than a book could.

So I started to look around for a good vocabulary building software program. Unfortunately there was nothing good out there. I felt this was a great opportunity, so I decided to develop my own vocabulary building program. eReflect really grew from there.

2. Please tell us about your most popular tool and what makes it so useful.

Ultimate Vocabulary is our most popular English language tool. Users find it useful for a number of reasons.

First it can keep track of which words you know and customise your learning.

Second, it includes many different learning styles to make it fast and easy to learn new words.

Finally it has easy step-by-step training that virtually "holds the user by the hand" and guides them to a better vocabulary.

We do this with special technology that combines video with computer activities.

3. Your Ultimate Vocabulary software seems to be helpful for vocabulary building. Which method does it use and what are its components?

The main methods of vocabulary building Ultimate Vocabulary uses are:
  • Deep Processing: you get lots of information on words to facilitate "deep processing". Studies show this increases retention by up to 670%.

  • Customized learning: you focus only on the words you don't know.

  • Repetition: The word messenger feature can remind you of words while you do other things to increase retention of new words.

  • Step-by-Step Training: to make learning vocabulary simple and easy for everyone.

4.  How does your Ultimate Vocabulary software help with different English exams, such as the IELTS, GRE, SAT, and GMAT?

We have special word lists put together by experts that focus on these exams. These are based on words that appear frequently on the exams.

Leaning these words is the most effective way to boost your score in a standardized exam.

5. When building vocabulary there are many levels. Who is this software suitable for and who isn't?

Ultimate Vocabulary includes word lists for all levels, ranging from Grade 1 to PhD level.

6. Please tell us about some other eReflect products and/or resources that Really Learn English readers (students and teachers) may find useful?

Ultimate Spelling – helps with your spelling, 7 Speed Reading – teaches you to "speed read," Ultimate Typing – teaches you to touch type (typing without looking for the keys). 

Marc, thanks so much for taking the time to answer our questions.  It was most informative. We hope to see many more useful tools from you and your team in the future!

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