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These are unique people whose expertise and willingness to help has made them truly exceptional.

We will find out more about them, learn more about what they offer to the world, and get their priceless advice – all about learning and teaching English!

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Richard Graham | November 2010
The founder of "Genki English" – activities to bring your classroom to life
Rachel from Rachel's English | November 2010
The creator of – an American English pronunciation guide
Teacher Joe
Joe from Teacher Joe | November 2010
The creator of – resources to improve your English language skills
Ai Uchiyama from Dear Ai | November 2010
The creator of an online advice column for ESL (English as a second language) students
Kenneth Beare
Kenneth Beare from | December 2010
The content creator behind's English As a 2nd Language Section
Dave Sconda Dave Sconda | December 2010
The creator of – English audio and video lessons and teacher help
Elizabeth O'Brien Elizabeth O'Brien | September 2011
The creator of – grammar the easy way with sentence diagramming
Michael G. Hines Michael G. Hines | January 2012
Owner/Founder of Icon Group – Educating the Future (a network of over 20 ESL websites for teachers and students)
Michael G. Hines Josef Essberger | January 2012
Founder of EnglishClub, one of the biggest and busiest ESL websites around
Sheri Summers Sheri Summers | January 2012
A teacher, trainer and advisor for American English pronunciation and speech patterns
Michael Marzio Michael Marzio | February 2012
The creator of and the founder of the Marzio School, a language school in France 
Victor Gayol Victor Gayol | February 2012
The creator of, a super-cool resource for teachers and students
Elizabeth O'BrienElizabeth O'Brien | August 2013
The creator of returns for another informative and useful interview
David PetrieDavid Petrie | October 2013
The creator of, which is all about TEFL / TESOL methodology, classroom practice, developing teaching skills and lesson ideas and materials
Marc SlaterMarc Slater | March 2014
The director of eReflect – a self improvement software company. Their products cover reading, vocabulary, spelling, and typing.
Chad BaldwinChad Baldwin | November 2014
Chad Baldwin is the advisor for the TEFL Certificate Program at the University of California, San Diego.
Craig MachadoCraig Machado | November 2014
Craig Machado is the director of the ESL Division at Norwalk Community College in Connecticut, USA.
Magdalena Herdoíza-Estévez | November 2014
Madgalena Herdoíza-Estévez is a professor of education and international studies at Indiana University Southeast, where she also directs New Neighbors Program, part of the the ESL/ENL License Program.
Shanthi Cumaraswamy Streat | October 2015
Shanthi Cumaraswamy Streat is an English language trainer and the founder of English with a Twist.
Jason R Levine (Fluency MC)Jason R Levine (Fluency MC) | November 2015
Jason R. Levine (also known as Fluency MC) is an English teacher, and knowledge entertainer. Jason teaches English through rap music!

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