Best English Blog
Awards 2013

The Best English Blog Awards competition has ended! 

And the winner is...

A word of praise must be mentioned to all the bloggers who were nominated in the 2013 Best English Blog Awards. 

Thank you for participating and giving readers the opportunity to see such exceptional blogs in one place and letting teachers and students find new resources.

A round of applause and a massive congratulations must go to the winner who made the Finalist stage voted by readers and blogging peers.

Our winner for the Best Blog Awards Competition 2013 is....

Picturebooks in ELT by Sandie Mourão

Best English Blog Awards 2013 WINNER

Congratulations to Sandie for winning this year’s competition! 

Your dazzling, colorful and educational blog has garnered most votes by the readers. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful picturesbooks and letting the voice of the blog be heard.

You can click here to visit Sandie's blog and congratulate her!

Sandie Mourão

Thank you to all the bloggers who made picking the winner so hard, and all the entrants who made short-listing such a challenge.

Let us continue building and expanding the ESL community!

Best English Blog Awards 2013 Finalists

We gathered the top English blogs on the web, and you voted for your favorite one!

These wonderful teachers are dedicating their time and efforts to help the English learning/teaching community. On their blogs, they share their wisdom, resources, and advice. This is a great opportunity to show them some love by voting!

The voting ended on October 1st, at 12:00 pm EST (Eastern Standard Time).

Below you will find the full list of 2013 nominees. You can read their interviews and visit their awesome blogs.

So here are our nominees...

Picturebooks in ELT by Sandie Mourão

Sandie Mourão"Picturebooks are vastly misunderstood and through my blog I wanted to help teachers understand them a little better, but also provide access to different titles they may otherwise never discover."

Read the full interview and visit the blog.

Vote for this blog!

Teach Them English by Adam Simpson

Teach them English"Don't teach the coursebook, teach the person! Never forget that you are engaging with people and that the material you use in class is simply there to facilitate their learning and your teaching."

Read the full interview and visit the blog.

Vote for this blog!

Life Feast by Ana Maria

Life Feast"Get to know your students and what they love doing. It's always motivating to learn anything which is related to our own passions."

Read the full interview and visit the blog.

Vote for this blog!

Learning to Speak 'Merican by Vicki hollett

"I'm very keen on video. Aside from being a lot of fun it allows us to step outside the classroom and show language in context which is very helpful. Meanings change depending on who is talking to who and where, and it's actually very hard to demonstrate that without using video."

Read the full interview and visit the blog.

Vote for this blog!

Collablogatorium by Carla Arena

Carla Arena"Read and listen to things you most love in English; If you have the chance, make sure you spend at least a month studying in an English speaking country; Watch the films you love twice – once with subtitles and the next time without them."

Read the full interview and visit the blog.

Vote for this blog!

ELT Resourceful by Rachael Roberts

Rachael"The materials I create for my blog are different because I get immediate feedback, which is great. Plus I can do a lot of things which are not (yet) possible in coursebooks, such as using the latest TED talk, or a viral video."

Read the full interview and visit the blog.

Vote for this blog!

Doing Some Thinking by Henrick Oprea

Henrick Oprea"Making the lessons fun and engaging is done in the same way that you make a conversation fun and engaging: reach out for the students and be interested in what they have to say. Once we realise we also have something to learn from them, it is easy to accomplish this."

Read the full interview and visit the blog.

Vote for this blog! by Rob Whyte

Rob Whyte"Constantly changing the methods and learning content keeps the class attentive and avoids the boredom that comes from the teacher saying 'next page'."

Read the full interview and visit the blog.

Vote for this blog!

The English Teacher by Aniya

The English Teacher"Immerse yourself in an English environment, watch films, cartoons (low level) listen to podcasts anything that forces you to listen – with so much social media etc., make friends with English speaking people and communities, it all helps."

Read the full interview and visit the blog.

Vote for this blog!

Here is a quick summary of competition rules:

  • A handful of blogs competing for the Best English Blog Awards.

  • The initial blogs are chosen by the Really Learn English team, based on specific criteria of excellence and contribution to the English teaching and learning community.

  • To participate, nominees answer interview questions, and place the participation badge on their site with a link to the competition section on Really Learn English (this page).

  • The winner is determined by public voting.

  • The winner gets a Best English Teaching Blog title and badge, and is featured on Really Learn English.

And here is the full story:

In the vast universe of English teaching blogs, only a select few can be named the best. And that decision is now up to you.

The Best English Teaching Blog Awards competition is here, and it's time to decide who is Bloggie-winning material.

Go over the nominees and vote for the one you think is BEST.

2013 Competition Details:

This is Really Learn English's first annual blog awards for best English teaching coverage.

Founded and organized by the team behind Really Learn English, it strives to become the leading means of identifying excellence in English teaching blogging.

English teaching blogs are nominated for the competition by the team of Really Learn English and the winner is selected by the public.

The goal of the competition is to make the public vote and choose the winner of the most outstanding blog.

The winning blogger will receive the title and badge of Best English Teaching Blog and will be featured on Really Learn English.

All qualifying blogs receive free hyperlinks, recognition, and a positive review posting.

For this competition, we will introduce up to 10 bloggers. Polls will close on October 1st, at 12:00 pm EST.

The bloggers have agreed to participate in the competition, and are allowed to promote their participation on their blogs and elsewhere.

How qualifying blogs are chosen by Really Learn English:

The qualification rules are simple:
  • The blog must be focused on English teaching and written for the English teaching and learning community. 

  • It should be updated with reasonable frequency with original content, and bloggers must have owned their sites for 6 months or more. 

  • Blog entries should have unique permalinks (URLs). 

  • Bloggers should be knowledgeable about the subject area and write in a compelling, engaging and informative way. 

Here are a few things to be considered during the nomination phase:      

  • Quality of information provided

  • Authenticity

  • Writing style

  • Regularity of posting

The rules for nominees of the Best English Teaching Blog 2013 Competition:

  1. Answer 5 Really Learn English interview questions which will be featured on the Really Learn English website.

  2. Include a hyperlink to the Really Learn English Awards in a blog post.

  3. Display the Award Nominee badge on your blog (the badge should link back to this page).
You can choose any of the following graphics for that purpose:

Best English Blog Awards 2013 Badge GreenBest English Blog Awards 2013 Badge RedBest English Blog Awards 2013 Badge GoldBest English Blog Awards 2013 Badge Blue
Best English Blog Awards 2013 Badge Platinum

Judging Process:

  • Voting is open to the public so people can choose their favorite blog.

  • As soon as nominations have been chosen, organizers go through the blogs and make sure there were no dead links and that the nominated blogs have the required qualification (regular posts, 6 months of history, etc.).
  • Organizers then present the public with the nominated bloggers, the interview and a hyperlink to their blog site.

  • One round of voting will take place lasting at least 14 days.

  • Each person gets one vote for their favorite blog.

  • Each person voting gets a free gift.

  • The public will be presented with the winner and a feature page about the winner.

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