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The English Teacher

Best English Blog Awards 2013 Nominee

The English TeacherBlog name: The English Teacher, by Aniya

Blog's date of creation: 21st June 2008

Where are you located in the world: Monza, Italy

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1. What do you think makes your blog special? 

No idea, I suppose you'd have to ask my readers that, I started it without knowing what I was doing really, and never expected anyone to actually read it.

2. What is the most useful resource/page/section on your blog? 

Not so much useful for students but 'would be' teachers on the CELTA course – this post gives a light-hearted look into the course

3. How do you make lessons fun and engaging for your students? 

I try to get to know what makes my students tick, make them feel at ease and get out of the teacher superior thing, I use technology a lot, so my iPad is always in use (even if I just use it to show pictures rather than telling them words for vocab for example) or word games etc., so they feel comfortable and ready to talk, and encourage them above all when they make mistakes.

4. What are your top three suggestions for English learners? 

Learning a language should be fun – immerse yourself in an English environment, watch films, cartoons (low level) listen to podcasts anything that forces you to listen – with so much social media etc., make friends with English speaking people and communities, it all helps.

5. Could you share some wisdom? What is the most common mistake you see English teachers make?

As I live in Italy the most common thing that I find is that schools don't have the right facilities for teaching languages, teachers drill in grammar and exercises but kids leave school and can't speak the language, so that's a lot of years wasted. Better quality over quantity.

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