Write/Wrote/Writing – When Should I Use Each?

by Gaayethri
(Malaysia )

In what situations do you use "I write," "I wrote" & "I am writing?" Please explain.

Thank you.

Ola's answer:


First of all, for the complete and thorough data please visit:
English Verb Tenses section.

You can also sign up for the English Verb Tenses Made Simple course.

Now, regarding your specific questions:

Use "I write" when the writing takes place at the present.

For example:

"I write every day."

"I write very well."

And so forth.

Use "I am writing" when you are actually doing the writing action. Or in other words: when you are in the middle of writing.

For example:

"I am writing right now."

"This week I am writing my research paper."

Use "I wrote" when the writing took place in the past.

For example:

"I wrote you a letter last week."

"I wrote my research paper a year ago."

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