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Story 05

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Sean and the Birthday Cake

An ugly birthday cake

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Sean likes food. He likes fruit and vegetables. He likes bread and cakes. He likes fish and dairy products. He likes meat. He eats everything!

One day he goes to a party. It is a birthday party for his friend Leo. He enjoys the party with his friends. They dance and have fun.

At the end of night, Leo's mother comes with a cake. Everyone is very happy. They like sweet cakes. Sean is also happy. He likes food!

Leo's mother slices the cake and gives every kid a piece of cake. Sean is the first one that gets a piece. At first, he is very happy, but after a few moments he turns blue. He runs outside.

When he returns, everybody is very surprised. His friend Leo asks, "Sean, is everything alright? You don't behave like yourself!"

Sean is surprised. "Why, Leo? Why do you say that?"

"Well," Leo answers, "you usually love food very much! You don't run away from food!"

Sean smiles and says, "Yes, Leo, I love food. But that cake is not food!"


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