Prepositions of Place:
At, In or On?

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This one can be very confusing for English learners: at, in or on? They are all prepositions of place. So when should you use each?

Click Here for Step-by-Step Rules, Stories and Exercises to Practice All English Tenses

Click Here for Step-by-Step Rules, Stories and Exercises to Practice All Tenses


The word "at" shows us WHERE something is. It doesn't tell us whether it is beside, inside, below or above. It simply shows WHERE.

We use "at" when talking about positions or locations.

He is at the restaurant.

A man at the restaurant

She's at the office.

A woman at the office

He's at home!

Father came home

They met at a party.

A party

He is sitting in the corner.

At the corner

They are sitting at the table.

A family

He was standing at the window.

A broken window

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We use "in" when talking about a position INSIDE something else.

The clothes are in the closet.

A closet

He's in the kitchen.

A tired man

They are talking in the street.

In the street

She is lying in bed.

A sick lady

There was a fire in the fireplace
and she was sitting in the armchair.

A blonde lady

There is a shark in the water!

A shark!

It was written in the newspaper.

A happy man

Chile is a country in South America.

A map

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We use "on" when one thing is ATTACHED to or TOUCHING another.

There is a mirror on the wall.

In the morning...

There is a stain on his shirt.


The books are on the shelves.

Many books

he puts plates on the table.

A happy man

There is one candle on the cake.

A cake

He likes riding on his horse.

A boy and his horse

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Examples of Usage

At In On
at home in bed on the table
at work in the box on the shelf
at school in the closet on the wall
at the airport in a basket on the second floor
at the office in his pocket on Columbus street
at the party in the car on page 10
at the restaurant in the kitchen
at the university in the water
at the theater in an armchair
at the hotel in the street
at the wedding in the garden
at the bus stop in prison
at the corner of the street in Times Square
at 12 Colombus Street in New York
at Bob's (= at his house) in Texas
at the center in the USA
at the top in the sky
at the back of the house in the mirror
at the door (= next to the door) in a traffic jam
at the table (= next to the table) in the book

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