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"Learn English podcasts" are a great way to improve your English. EnglishClass101.com helps you do just that. Read all about it in the following review.

Click Here for Step-by-Step Rules, Stories and Exercises to Practice All English Tenses

Click Here for Step-by-Step Rules, Stories and Exercises to Practice All Tenses

www.EnglishClass101.com - Learn English with Podcasts (Sound Lessons)


This is a popular self-study learning course.


It offers English lessons in these levels:
  • Absolute Beginner

  • Beginner

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced
The lessons are also divided according to these subjects:
  • Student

  • Business

  • Work

  • Travel

  • Living

  • Family


The lessons typically include:
  • Audio or video

  • Lesson's transcript

  • Vocabulary and definitions

  • Review questions

  • Some practice
The teachers are native speakers and you can listen to many different kinds of voices and speaking styles.

They focus on listening comprehension, and provide tools for reading comprehension as well.

Lessons are made to include current events, words, celebrities, and so on. So the content is very dynamic.

The fee

  1. You can sign up for a FREE membership. This basically gives you access to some limited features. For the first 7 days it also gives you access to almost the entire site!

  2. You can upgrade to the BASIC membership.
    This costs $4 per month.

  3. You can upgrade to the PREMIUM membership.
    This costs $10 per month, and it gives you access to additional lesson features.

    Plus, they give 110% Money Back Guarantee on all memberships.

Personal impression

The site is very neat and welcoming. It has clear navigation, and the speakers in the audio files sound really friendly, so the atmosphere is very nice.

The English language they are using is up-to-date and modern.

There are plenty of lessons to improve your level of English, step by step.

However, I did see some problems:

The pronunciation recording software didn't seem to work for me, but maybe it has something to do with my own software.

Another problem I encountered was that the videos took a long time to load. So it wasn't so convenient. (The audio files, on the other hand, worked perfectly well...)

The lessons themselves are pretty good, with the following exceptions:

If you hardly know anything in English – it seems to be of too high level for you. You should have some basic knowledge in English to start.

Also, in some cases I noticed the teachers using vocabulary that was a bit too advanced for the level of the lesson. So you really need to make sure you understand what they say, and use a good dictionary when you don't.

Other than that, englishclass101.com seems like a fun place for learning English online, and of course you have the FREE trial period to judge for yourself.

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