Free! Learn to Speak English!

Free! Learn to Speak English!Let's learn to speak English, for free! Is it possible? Yes. To find out how, keep on reading :)

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"To master something" means to learn or understand it completely. So mastering the English language is really a gradual process.

It begins with some vocabulary and some basic grammar rules. That's the basis, and once you have it you can continue progressing.

However, and many English learners have had to face this truth, just studying English is not enough. You have to actually practice it in the real world. You have to use it, learn from your mistakes and gain confidence.

(By the way, spoken English can be quite different from written English. You can read about it here: Learn Spoken English)

So how do you do that? Do you move to an English speaking country? Well, if you can, that might be the best option. If not, there are other things you can do.

1) Read these tips on how to speak English fluently.

2) Read this article on five of the most useful everyday English phrases.

3) Find out more about Real Life English.

4) Make sure you know the English speaking DOs and DON'Ts.

5) Check out the following option:

Chat/Correspond with
a Native English Speaker

You can practice your English with a native English speaker. You can exchange e-mails, do a text chat, or even a voice chat (which is probably the hardest, but also the most rewarding).

Recently, I've found a website that lets you find pen pals/chat partners for free! Isn't that cool? :)

You can find more information about it here:

Language Exchange Community - Practice and Learn Foreign Languages

to improve your accent visit the Word Pronunciation section.

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