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Click Here for Step-by-Step Rules, Stories and Exercises to Practice All English Tenses

Click Here for Step-by-Step Rules, Stories and Exercises to Practice All Tenses

A freebie is something that you receive free of charge. It can be a free booklet, a free course, free videos... The list is endless.

Really Learn English is proud to present the Freebies Section. Here you can get and use some really cool stuff that will help you improve your English!

English Short Stories Booklet & Workbook

Learn English for Free!
This booklet contains a number of stories for English learners.

The stories are easy and amusing.

First you read it, and then you practice. Each story comes with a set of exercises to practice your vocabulary, grammar, comprehension and writing.

The entire booklet is for sale, but you can get the first 2 chapters free of charge!
Free English Grammar Test for Download

Learn English for Free!
A comprehensive grammar test for intermediate students. It covers the most important aspect of grammar: parts of speech, verb tenses and sentence structure.
English Tenses Made Simple – a Special
10-Day Course

Learn English for Free!
This special 10-Day course takes you step by step into the mysteries of the English tenses.

This subject has enough to confuse any English learner, so what do you say about learning it for real? Only that this time, we will make it simple!

You can take the course without ever leaving your home and it is completely free of charge!

A Comic Book for English Learners (Contains Story, Comic Book, Exercises, and Answer Key)

Story and Comic Book

Illustrated English reading practice - free to download. Story and Comic Book about: Be Worthy of Trust:

Helen sits in the living room of her small apartment. She looks for a job as a graphic designer in job ads online and in newspapers.

She does this every day for months!

One morning, as she sits in her living room as usual and looks for a job, her phone rings...

Learning English and Your Human Rights

30 educational short stories written in simple English.

These stories practice English and teach the Human Rights at the same time.

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