Word Meanings in English

Illustrated Lessons on Vocabulary

Word meanings in English can be tricky to understand, especially for those learning English as a second language. Our illustrated lessons on vocabulary can help you learn and understand words, idioms, and phrases.
Word Meanings in English | Illustrated Lessons on Vocabulary

This growing word meanings dictionary can provide you with the following:
  • easy-to-understand definitions
  • illustrated examples
  • how to use words correctly in a sentence
  • stories and dialogues to show how words are used in everyday English
  • short quizzes to test your understanding

List of Lessons

Definition of Jump-Start: Meaning, Example Sentences, Synonyms, Antonyms, and Story Dialogues

Definition of Energy (Simple and Illustrated)

Definition of Insurance Premiums (Simple and Illustrated)

An Easy-to-Understand Definition of Beneficiary, Example Sentences and Dialogues

Definition of Deductibles: The Meaning of Deductible in Insurance

Life Insurance Term Meaning | English Vocabulary Lesson

What Artificial Intelligence Means (AI)

Words Describing Physical Appearance

Idioms of "Happy": The Top 10 You Should Know

English Vocabulary for the Office

The Most Useful Everyday Phrases in English

Contractions in English (Explanation and List of Contractions)

Informal Contractions (American English)

English Vocabulary for Dating and Relationships

English Vocabulary for Food and Cooking (Illustrated)

Answers to Common Restaurant Questions in English

English Vocabulary at the Airport

Airport English | Check-In Counter Vocabulary

English Vocabulary for Weddings (Illustrated)

English Vocabulary for the Bank

English Vocabulary for Computers

English Vocabulary for the Workplace: Working in a Store

The Office and Office Supplies

Sports Vocabulary

Verbs Followed Only by Gerunds

Verbs Followed Only by Infinitives

Verbs Followed by Gerunds or Infinitives

Common Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs with "Up"

Phrasal Verbs with "Back"

English Idioms

British English Idioms

Idiom Examples (American English)

Figurative Speech

Art Vocabulary for English Learners

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