Learn English, Video Lesson 02

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In this video lesson we will learn some advanced vocabulary.

Click Here for Step-by-Step Rules, Stories and Exercises to Practice All English Tenses

Click Here for Step-by-Step Rules, Stories and Exercises to Practice All Tenses

The video was produced by VOA (Voice of English), which has many great lessons and activities for English learners.

This video tells us about Nathan Sawaya, a Lego artist!

Watch the video carefully, and do the practice.

The more difficult words are explained in a glossary just below –  use it when there is a word you do not understand or unsure of. (For the full definitions use a good dictionary.)

Tip: write down all the new words you learn. You will need this in the practice section!

Glossary (by order of appearance)

A toy made of small plastic bricks that you put together to build things.

Work of art
Something that is made by an artist, for example a painting or a statue.

An idea or a picture in your mind.

Visits to a website.

Able to succeed or able to work as intended.

People that want to buy something.

A place for showing works of art. 

A town in Connecticut.

A small state in the north-west of the US.

Having only two dimensions (for example, length and width).

A painting or photograph of a person. It usually includes only the person's head and shoulders.

A dark reddish-brown metal.

A type of heavy, sticky earth that becomes hard when it is baked.

Very good, excellent.

Good things that you say or write about someone.

A way of swimming in which the swimmer lies in the water facing down and moves first one arm over the head and then the other while kicking the legs.

A show of works of art to the public.

Visiting places.


  1. If you haven't already done so, then make a list of all the new words you have learned in this video.

  2. Write a short story that contains all of them.
    it doesn't have to make perfect sense. Actually, the more funny it is, the better!

    Here is an example: Let's say that during this lesson you have encountered these new words: possibility, competition, talent, effort and expect.

    You could write something like this:

    "There is a possibility that James will win the competition. I believe he will win, and I expect him to do it without any effort, because he has so much talent!"

    Now, of course the more new words you have, the longer the story would be.

    (For more details visit How to Study Vocabulary Words.)

  3. Send it over! We'll put the best ones on the
    site and you might even win a prize...

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