English Prepositions

So what are prepositions?

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A preposition is a word which is used before a noun to show its connection to another word in the sentence.

two people linking

For example:

The dog rests on the armchair.

a dog on an armchair

(The word "on" is used before "the armchair". We understand that the dog is on the armchair. He is not under it, above it or beside it, for example.)

The name "preposition" (pre + position) means "put before".
So prepositions usually come before the noun.

Here are some more examples:

She stands by the tree.

a girl with a tree

The cat leans against the garbage can.

a cat and a garbage can

The sign is under the car.

a man in a car driving over something

The rocket went through the heart.

a rocket

They flew into the snow.

people in the snow

She is reading to her babies.

mother goose

He is climbing up that mountain.

a man climbing

A preposition can come before a pronoun as well.

For example:

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