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Why is English word pronunciation important?
The sounds of English

Why is English word pronunciation important?

Have you noticed that sometimes, even though you can speak English well, have a good vocabulary, and use grammar properly, something still does not sound natural? Or in other words, your foreign accent is just too obvious… This can also make understanding you more difficult for other people.

This could be a common problem among English learners. Each comes from a different country, a different language, with its different pronunciation ways and accents.

However, is it unchangeable? Do you have to keep your original accent when speaking English?

That depends on how hard-working you are in practicing the new sounds. But let's agree on one thing: with some decent practicing you can definitely improve your pronunciation and your accent!

Click Here for the American Accent Audio Course.

What Makes an Accent?

Accent seems so natural to us, that we sometimes forget what makes an accent.

Basically, the way you pronounce each sound of the language affects your overall accent.

For example, the sound of the letter R is pronounced differently by Spanish, German and English speakers. The same is true for many other sounds. And so you get your accent…

The method to improve your English accent, or your English word pronunciation, is to practice the proper ways to pronounce the sounds of English.

Each sound is produced in a certain way, and when you produce it right, it sounds natural.

Here you have a special step by step tutorial, which will gradually lead you through the different English sounds. And hopefully, after completing it, you will not be the same person! Or at least, you will not have the same accent… 

The tutorial is composed of explanations, examples, exercises and videos. The videos were collected from several sources, and from different English teachers. These teachers share their skill and knowledge with us in the most efficient way – videos. And this is truly awesome.

So do this tutorial! Learn to speak english...

To begin lesson 01 and improve your English word pronunciation and accent click here.

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For additional tips on how to improve your English pronunciation and accent click here.

See also Phonology in the English Language (Phonology is the study of the basic sounds and speech patterns of a language.)

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