English Noun Phrases

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What is a noun phrase?

A noun phrase is a word or group of words in a sentence that acts like a noun.

A word or group of words

For example:

You could say, "I met Joan."

In this sentence the word Joan is a noun.

You could replace Joan with a group of words (a phrase) and say, "I met your sister."

Your sister is a phrase (a group of words without a finite verb), and it functions as a noun in the sentence.

So we call it a noun phrase.

Additional noun phrases examples (the noun phrase is in bold):
  • All the kids were sleeping.

  • The boy in the blue jeans says he'll do it.

  • He bought her a beautiful red dress.

  • Mom baked tasty chocolate cookies.

  • Julia was thinking about her friends back home.

  • Will you talk with these rude people?

  • You are a true hero.

  • My dog is my best friend.
My dog and I

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